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Friday 7th, August, 2015

Leanne reading Natural Health in an attempt to get fit for the Girls Night Out walk

Well it’s getting closer to the Girls Night Out Walk (36 days to be precise…..not that we are counting/panicking!) and Mel and myself have done no training for this whatsoever! (Unless walking up to Gregg’s is classed as training?)

We are being very optimistic this year and doing the 11.2 mile walk, which we did last year. However last year we were training for the 10K Race for life at the same time, so I think this year we are going to find it pretty tough! And even after all the training we had done, we were still walking like John Wayne without his horse for the next week!

So if anyone wants to have a good laugh at our expense then come see us! And if any of you lovely ladies are doing the Walk too and come across us lying on the ground, please pick us back up again!

We also have a Just Giving page if anyone would like to donate to us, or we have a collection at Reception if you would like to spare any pennies, we would greatly appreciate it. Every little helps for such a great cause!

Have a great weekend everyone!


(The Scottish One)

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  • 15 Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 1UZ
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