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Wednesday 4th, May, 2022

Hygienist Visits: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

We have four hygienists at Cathedral Dental, working various days and hours (including evenings). All…

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Wednesday 23rd, March, 2022

Why You Should NOT Ignore Missing Teeth

Once you’re past the age of believing in the tooth fairy, losing a tooth is…

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Friday 11th, March, 2022

Safeguarding Your Mouth From Stress

We know the world is a super crazy place right now, so we thought we’d…

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Sunday 6th, March, 2022

Invisalign Course with MiSmile

So, it was another super exciting week at Cathedral Dental. We started our new rota…

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Wednesday 2nd, March, 2022

TOP 10 Invisalign Hacks, Bury St Edmunds

1- Your Invisalign case is your FRIEND - keep it in your handbag, pocket, hand,…

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