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Thursday 22nd, May, 2014

Race for life

Well, it is just four weeks until our big race day and it is safe to say that some degree of panic has now set in amongst the team. We have all been gradually building up our fitness in preparation for the Race For Life, however now that we have just a few weeks to go it is safe to say we are afraid, very afraid!

None of us were fitness fanatics before (to put it mildly), but we have all been heading out jogging and to the gym trying to whip ourselves into shape for our 10K Run. Two of us have even forced our partners out jogging with us. They were just delighted to be seen plodding along beside us with our bright red faces and our loud wheezy gasping for breath! One of us (I won’t say which one!) even stopped mid-run and said very plainly to their partner “I can’t, I simply can’t breathe, I’m sure I have asthma! Would you listen to my breathing, LISTEN, it’s definitely asthma, I can’t do it!” The poor man in question simply ignored the remark and carried on jogging forcing the “asthmatic” to continue.

On a more serious note, we are doing this for Cancer Research and we WILL be ready for race day despite the panic. We still have four weeks and we will use them to train whenever we can so that on the day, we power through to the finish line. We have been jogging outside & on the treadmill, on various other scary looking gym machines and even to Zumba and to Spinning and we will complete this race!

22nd June 2014, Cathedral Dental are racing for life…….. bring it on!


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