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Hygiene centre


Hygiene and Fresh Breath

If you have any concerns about the freshness of your breath please do not be embarrassed to tell our outstanding team of dentists and hygienists. Once we are aware of your concerns we can act swiftly to ensure that within a short space of time your confidence is restored. Our hygienists take tremendous care about your gum health. Gum health is also an important factor when ensuring we have fresh breath. When you attend an appointment in our Hygiene centre, time will be spent completing the following:

  • Removal of any hard deposits (tartar) that has formed on your teeth.
  • Detailed gum assessment to confirm in detail your current situation with gum disease and the likelihood of this occurring in the future.
  • Oral cancer screening.
  • Polishing of the teeth.
  • Education on toothbrushes and other aids such as floss and brushes that suit you best as an individual.

Many people are concerned with the freshness or otherwise of their breath every now and then. The reason this problem occurs can be due to many factors. The main reason is due to bacteria. The majority of these bacteria are lying in your mouth and you cannot see it. These bacteria occur from the following:

  • Diet
  • Smoking
  • Incorrect Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning our teeth, we all try our best and it is important not to get disheartened. The reason for this is that, as children we were never taught how to clean our teeth, so therefore do not know if we are doing an effective job. Together we can show you the best way to clean your teeth and the hygienist can help you to ensure this problem is erased and does not return. The way to combat bad breath is to:

  • Floss your teeth daily
  • Visit our hygienist for a professional clean as soon as possible
  • Visit the hygienist as often as is recommended for you as an individual