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Nervous patients


We’re not all big scary dentists

At Cathedral Dental we are devoted to helping patients that are anxious, nervous or petrified of attending a dental practice.

We promise that we are different.

Some patients have had a bad experience as a child, others have had painful treatment, some people have heard horror stories from their friends, and others may be embarrassed of their mouth. We understand that everybody is nervous for different reasons.

A complimentary consultation would be the best way for you to get know the practice. Before you consent to any treatment you can:

• Visit us at and see what the practice is like
• Meet the team
• Meet the dentists
• You will not be sitting in a dental chair
• Bring a friend or two for morale support
• Only book an appointment if you feel happy and comfortable with us.

It is important that you can talk to us openly and try not to feel embarrassed. We like to become friends with our patients and are always on a first name basis, which our patients find very approachable.

Our caring team will take time to understand your fears and find a solution to help you. We understand that you cannot simply be cured of your fear but together we can work through it.

Throughout any treatment you are the number one priority. Here’s how we can help:

1. You can bring a friend to any appointment
2. You can choose your music to listen to
3. You can use our IPod so earphones drown out any noise
4. We use aromatherapy to relax you
5. You are in control – if you want to stop for any reasons we will