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Tooth Stain Removal


Fed up with stained teeth? You are not alone!

Tooth stain removal is increasing in popularity. It is also essential before procedures for tooth whitening.

Everybody tends to get stains developing on their teeth. These are often caused by tea, coffee, red wine and foods that stain like curry for example.

We will have your teeth stain-free and back to their natural colour within minutes, using our state of the art prophy jet technology.

There are many ways to remove tooth staining at the dentist (e.g scale & polish). However, our experience has shown this prophy jet technology to be very effective.

This system uses a mixture of fine particles mixed with a water jet to get rid of all the stains off your teeth. It’s like a “jet wash” for your teeth. It removes plaque and staining from teeth fast, efficiently and painlessly.

Why not book in before a special occasion, first date or even an important meeting to get that fresh, clean and healthy smile that oozes confidence!

Call us to book an appointment! You don’t even need to see a dentist first and can just come in and see the hygienist.