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Thursday 12th, February, 2015

Valentine’s blog

Valentine’s top tips – fully endorsed by Johnny Bravo…

So……. Your evening has been great. First, a romantic movie. Then a few quiet drinks at a cool bar. As you smile across the table, you think that a kiss is in the very near future. Then you suddenly think, “Do I have bad breath? Is there anything between my teeth?”
Nothing can make your super-hot romantic date fizzle faster than a dirty mouth. No, I don’t mean talking dirty I actually mean unclean dirty.
In fact, a survey of both men and women showed that one of biggest problems that ends a relationship is bad breath. That’s because the sense of smell is key to finding a suitable mate and nobody wants to kiss a stinky mouth.
Do not worry as I will be your love doctor and give you some tips to make sure your mouth is always kissable, guaranteeing you’ll always get that second date.

Tip 1-Have fresh breath.
Begin by brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing at least once daily. Don’t forget to clean the tongue because 90% of bad breath is the result of a dirty tongue. If you use mouthwash, use one that is alcohol free

Tip 2-Make sure that your lips are well moisturized.
You should apply lip balm frequently (carry one in your pocket or purse). This will help keep your lips soft. Make sure you use a good quality one. Cheap lips balms are NOT a good choice as it has an ingredient that dries your lips, causing you to apply more often.

Tip 3 Visit a dentist or hygienist.
A visit to Cathedral Dental encompass several procedures, including teeth cleaning, instruction in oral hygiene, an examination by the dentist and any preventative or restorative work that needs to be done. Your dentist will also look for health problems, such as oral cancer and may require X-rays to further check out your teeth and bone.
The hygienist will use special instruments to remove tartar or calculus, built-up plaque that can lead to decay. The teeth are then polished, which makes them both shiny and slippery making you more kissable.

Tip 4 Avoid Smelly Foods
Keeping your mouth clean is just one of the ways to make your mouth more kissable.
You also need to keep bad breath at bay. This is easier said than done, though, because there are a variety of things that can cause bad breath, and sometimes brushing your teeth won’t help. Foods such as garlic and onions, while taste great, are not recommended on a romantic date where kissing may be involved.

Tip 5 Whiten Up
Besides smelling good, you want your mouth looking good as well. Tobacco, alcohol, coffee and tea all can stain you teeth. We have some amazing teeth whitening treatments at Cathedral Dental so feel free to ask us for some more information.

So if you follow the above tips you will have healthy, dazzling, kissable mouth.
Have a great Valentines Day

Indy “Mr Loverman” Singh

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