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Tuesday 24th, April, 2018


Hi everyone.

For a change I thought I would do a written blog this week. It has been ages since I have done one so please bear with me as I may be a bit rusty, but I will do my best. Fingers crossed that you guys like it and find it informative.

So… there is this new fashion in dentistry called ABC. You may or may not have heard about it, so I thought I would write a short blog explaining what it is.

There are lots of different ways to improve your smile. In the past we used to use veneers a lot. Veneers are porcelain facings which are stuck onto the front of your teeth (Rylan and Stacey Solomon have veneers on their teeth). Veneers look good, but they aren’t great for your long term dental health as they involve drilling down your teeth. Veneers tend to only last around 10 to 12 years after which point they often have to be redone.

ABC is a different way of improving your smile. It is much more healthy when compared to veneers as it involves no drilling and it is very long lasting. So, what is it?

A – This stands for Aligning. The first part of treatment is to straighten and align your teeth. If your teeth are crooked or crowded, we can use Invisalign to straighten them. Invisalign is an amazing tooth straightening treatment which works using clear aligners. There are no ugly painful train tracks braces involved at all. When you are wearing the Invisalign nobody will know you have a brace and you can also take them out when you are eating so it is also very lifestyle friendly. We do a lot of Invisalign at Cathedral Dental and it is an amazing treatment and our patients love it.

B – This stands for Bleaching. The second part of treatment is to whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening is a fantastic non-invasive way to improve your smile. Your teeth whiten and brighten and it will leave your teeth looking amazing.

C – This stands for Composite. The third part of treatment is to use white filling material (composite) to build up some of your teeth. We can recontour the front teeth and build them up to make all the edges even and make everything tidy and symmetrical. There is often very little drilling involved and this fine detailing will enhance the treatment result and make your smile look amazing.

So that is ABC (Aligning, Bleaching and Composite). Eventhough it has only become fashionable recently, I have been using the ABC philosophy for many years. I love it because it is a much healthy way to improve smiles and as long as you wear your Invisalign retainers it can last a lifetime.

If you are interested in finding out more then just give us a call or send us an email us at info@cathedraldental.co.uk and you can come in to see me for a free consultation.

In other news I am off to the Invisalign MiSmile conference later this week. Keep and eye out on the practice Instagram page (cathedraldental) and also my page (inderjit.dentist) for loads of photos of the day and Charity Ball afterwards. It will be a great day and I am looking forward to learning lots of cool new stuff to help make our treatments even better.

Well that’s it for now.

Have a great week.

Indy ”the ABC dude” Singh

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