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At Cathedral Dental, we can help restore a tooth to full function and a smile to your face with the use of a crown.

What is a crown?

As the name implies, a crown is used to ‘cap’ or ‘crown’ a tooth that has been damaged as a result of decay or injury. Sitting over the top of the natural tooth, crowns can help restore function to damaged teeth and are designed to look and feel exactly as a natural tooth does.

Why do I need a crown?

We’ll always discuss the treatment needed and all options with you beforehand so that you feel completely confident in the decisions being made about your smile and oral health. We may recommend a crown to you because your tooth has become damaged in some way, or because it is necessary to the success of another treatment. They’re often used alongside bridges, for example, or in root canal treatments, to ensure the tooth is successfully restored to full function.

What is the treatment like?

As with most of our restoration treatments, we’ll first administer a local anaesthetic. This is so you can stay awake and aware of what is happening, but so you don’t feel anything during the treatment. We’ll then take an impression or a digital scan of the mouth which will be sent off to a dental laboratory, where your crown will be made. We can fit you for a temporary crown during this time.

Once your crown is ready, you’ll return to Cathedral Dental to have it fitted. We’ll make sure the fit, shade, and shape of the crown are correct, and once ready, we’ll again administer local anaesthetic. Using a dental adhesive, we’ll then cement your uniquely designed and make a crown in place.

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