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At Cathedral Dental, our professional team can restore a smile with missing teeth back to full function with the help of a bridge.

What is a bridge?

Bridges are designed to fill a gap left by a missing tooth, or several missing teeth, bridges ‘bridge’ the gap left behind through the use of a crown on either side and a prosthetic tooth or teeth.

Why do I need a bridge?

We always recommend replacing a missing tooth or teeth wherever possible and suitable. Missing teeth can lead to a wide range of further dental and oral health issues, and can also really impact a patient’s confidence when they smile. Bridges present a cost-effective, highly durable, and aesthetically pleasing way to address all these issues at once. The way you choose to replace or restore a missing tooth or teeth is of course a personal one, but we’ll always do everything we can to give advice when making these important decisions.

What is the treatment like?

When applying a conventional bridge, which uses crowns on either side of the replacement tooth, we’ll first administer local anaesthetic before preparing the teeth on either side for receiving the crowns. These teeth will become your ‘anchor’ teeth, supporting the new prosthetic tooth or teeth in place. We’ll have to file them down slightly to fit the crowns over them, before taking an impression or digital scan of the mouth.

This will then be sent off to a dental laboratory, where your bridge will be made uniquely for you. There’s then a short wait while the bridge is made, and during which time we can fit you for a temporary bridge. Once your bridge is ready, we’ll fit it for you here at Cathedral Dental, carefully cementing it in place so that you can return to your day with a newly restored smile.

How long do bridges last?

With the right care and attention – including regular check-ups with us here – bridges can last for between 10 and 15 years.

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