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Mercury Free Fillings

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Are you concerned about your mercury fillings? There has been a great amount of media interest in the use of mercury based metal fillings. We understand that many patients now wish to have their mercury fillings replaced.

At Cathedral Dental we provide our patients with mercury free fillings. The filling of choice for us is the white (composite) filling. These fillings are very strong and look good too. In some cases where a very large filling is needed a porcelain filling may be required instead. If the outside of the tooth is damaged a crown may be needed. We always inform you of all your options and ensure the best long-term option is explained.

Please let us know if you have any concerns about your current mercury fillings. These fillings can easily be replaced. When replacing amalgam fillings we use strong suction over the filling whilst the filling is removed, we also isolate the tooth/teeth that are being treated, and use special burs. This ensures any mercury vapour is immediately taken through the suction and poses no risks to you during treatment.