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Cosmetic Dentistry

Confidence in your smile can have a dramatic effect on your work and personal relationships. The inherent nature of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance your smile. The latest techniques and materials, coupled with the artistic skills of our dentists, enable Cathedral Dental to offer simple efficient solutions to minor aesthetic concerns through to life changing smile makeovers. Cosmetic treatments are available for an array of common problems including:

1. Crowded, crooked or twisted teeth can be straightened using one of our state of the art cosmetic braces systems.
2. Chipped, crooked, unsightly teeth where veneers are often ideal restorations.
3. Darkened, yellow teeth can be lightened with our popular, fast and effective tooth whitening and stain removal systems.
4. If you have missing teeth then dental implants, bridgework or cosmetic dentures can give you natural looking teeth to be proud of.
5. Tooth coloured fillings are ideal for replacing black/grey/discoloured fillings and gum re-shaping is ideal for bringing balance back to your smile.

If you would like to change the appearance of your teeth, call to arrange a free cosmetic consultation to find out what options you have to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

General Dentistry

We pride ourselves on providing high quality general and family dental care. We use the latest state of the art technology and the finest materials to look after your every day dental needs. If you are looking for a Suffolk dentist for your general dental care, then why not give you and your family the very best that they deserve. Regular check-ups and hygiene appointments are key to our preventive plan to help keep your teeth and gums healthy for a strong foundation. We treat all aspects of dentistry from a simple filling to a full mouth reconstruction.

Children’s Dentistry

We aim to make a visit to the dentist something your child will look forward to. At their regular check-up we encourage children to keep a healthy diet and practice good oral hygiene with the aim to have them grow up free from fillings or gum disease.