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Thursday 2nd, April, 2015

Easter Blog

So… it’s that time of year again when everyone is going to be chomping on Easter eggs. So what do you do if a filling falls out during your Easter chocolate binge? I will give my “Indy the Expert” advice……

“If one of your fillings fall out it best if you schedule a visit to your dentist so they can check it out. It is a good idea to arrange an appointment as soon as you can. If the tooth is not hurting it is still advisable to see your dentist as soon as possible because as well as the filling falling out, there may be decay present or some of the tooth may have broken as well.
If the tooth is sharp and bothering your tongue then you can go the pharmacy and buy a temporary filling dental kit. These kits have a temporary dental cement that can be placed over the broken portion of the tooth and will make it feel less sharp.

Once you have seen your dentist, they will most likely take some photos and X-rays so they can diagnose the extent of the problem.

If no decay is present then tooth may just require a new filling. If decay is present then the dentist will need to clean this out before a new filling is placed.

If the decay in the tooth is deep or if a large part of the tooth has broken then you may need more complex dental work to fix the tooth. This may involve having root canal treatment or placing a crown on the tooth. Your dentist will explain this to you in much more detail if this situation arises”.

If you ever have the misfortune of having a filling fall out then I hope this little blog will help.

Have a fun Easter Weekend

Indy” The Easter Bunny” Singh

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