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Bridge Work

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Bridges are fantastic restorations designed to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges are fixed and cannot be removed. They are attached to the teeth either side of the space. Have a look at the animation to see how they work.

Bridges are made of porcelain and metal. We can also make bridges in porcelain only which will give the best cosmetic result.

We will spend a lot of time designing the bridge design so it will look and feel very natural. There are many different types of bridges and we will discuss all these different bridge options with you before we start any treatment.

Bridges are usually completed within two appointments. On the first appointment, we prepare the tooth and take impressions, which are then sent to our ceramist who will construct the bridge. We will then place a temporary bridge. You will come back for a further appointment and then we will remove the temporary bridge that was placed on the first appointment and place the final bridge into place.

Bridges are cemented in place, so you can’t remove them for cleaning. To keep your natural teeth healthy, you should clean the gap under a bridge with a special dental floss. The dentist or hygienist will show you how to floss under your bridge and keep it clean. On average, bridges last between five and 10 years.