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Cosmetic dentures

The Ultimate Dentures

Do you have dentures at present? Do you find they are:

  • Bulky?
  • Uncomfortable?
  • Unattractive?
  • They do not fit well?
  • They reduce your confidence?

Cosmetic dentures are the ultimate dentures. They have handmade Cobalt Chromium (metal) frames, which are much nicer than the plastic ones and have many more benefits:

These types of dentures not only fit extremely well, they also look amazing and no-one would be able to notice that the teeth were not your own!

These dentures are made once a tooth or several teeth have been missing for a period of six months and it is unlikely that you are going to lose any more teeth. We call them cosmetic dentures as they are wonderful and can change the life of a denture wearer.

Do you currently wear a full denture?

Patients with full dentures can still benefit from this type of denture. These dentures can also be attached to dental implants

Why Cathedral Dental?

Just a few reasons why you should choose to come along
to Cathedral Dental in Bury St Edmunds…

  • Dentistry for busy people. We are open until 9pm and on Saturdays
  • Relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • We strive to provide an outstanding patient experience that you will not find anywhere else
  • We treat everyone as we ourselves would like to be treated
  • Guaranteed pain free dentistry
  • Convenient town centre location with lots of parking nearby
  • Experienced highly skilled dentists with many postgraduate qualifications
  • We offer the latest treatments so you receive the best care
  • We can straighten crooked smiles in adults and children with our expert invisible brace systems
  • We can create a brand new beautiful smile for you with our smile makeover and veneers service