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    FastBraces Course Selfie

    So… after watching Watford FC’s disappointing draw on Saturday afternoon, I went to another course on Sunday. I was in London for the FastBraces Advanced training course. Dr Anthony Viazis who is the founder of FastBraces was lecturing. He taught us all of the latest advances and developments with FastBraces technology.

    The most exciting thing was the introduction of FastBraces Turbo. This is a new brace system that can straighten your teeth in just 100 days! So if you start your straightening now then you can have an amazing smile by summertime.

    FBraces Turbo
    FastBraces Turbo really is an amazing state of the art straightening system. Only a few select dentists are allowed to use FastBraces Turbo. As I am a dentist who specialises in FastBraces, we were given permission to use the Turbo system and are one of the few practices in the UK to offer it.

    So if you are interested and want to find out more then feel free to contact me for a chat.

    Indy “Turbo Man” Singh